Projects for 2007-2009
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Camels for Vulnerable Widows
We provide camels to widows and single mothers in northern Kenya.  This helps them recover from recent droughts, reduce food insecurity for their family, and regain personal dignity and hope for the future
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 Donkey and Goats for Vulnerable Widows
In other communities, we provide a female donkey and four female goats to widows, which helps them recover from drought, reduce their workload, provide for family needs, and regain dignity and hope. 

Support to Child Mothers - Kenya
Child mothers in Kenya, who are ostracized by family and community, regain self-esteem and hope when we support return to school or start a small business, and provide psycho-social and childcare support.  

Strengthening Communities to Fight HIV/AIDS
An innovative approach, that focuses on community dialogue and action planning, has provoked social change in Maasai communities, as they initiate effective HIV/AIDS prevent and care activities with our support.  

Longido Early Childhood Education
The LECHE project supports the vision of a retired teacher for the healthy development of pre-schoolers, increased success rate of Maasai children in school, and strengthened rural communities.  

Support to Child Mothers - Tanzania
For young girls in Tanzania, who have been chased from school due to pregnancy, we provide short-term care and counseling, family mediation, life skills education, and support for return to school.